Morgan James Publishing(tm) has revolutionized book publishing - from the author's standpoint. Their Entrepreneurial Publishing(tm) model enriches authors as well as the company. Morgan James Publishing provides readers with the vital information, inspiration or guidance they need. A division of Morgan James, LLC, Morgan James Publishing, The Entrepreneurial Publisher(tm), is reported as being the future of publishing. Since its inception in 2003, Morgan James Publishing has grown from publishing 6 books per year to publishing an average of 150 front list titles each year with a backlist of over 2,000 titles.



Morgan James™ recent top 25 bestsellers, listed by publication date, reflect sales to many thousands of venues where a wide range of general interest books are sold nationwide.

NY Times Bestsellers

New York Times rankings reflect sales at many thousands of venues where a wide range of general interest books are sold nationwide. These include hundreds of independent book retailers; national, regional and local chains; online and newsstands. Listed by order of publication date.

Recent Books

Here are some of the Morgan James™ most recent titles listed by order of publication date. All Morgan James™ titles are available at your favorite bookstore, both online and off.

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The Entrepreneurial Publisher

Our model gives more to the author than both traditional and self-publishing.

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Morgan James is a proud supporter of Habitat for Humanity.